Cool iPhone Apps For Your Teeth

If you visit the iPhone app store today you will be amazed at the great variety of applications available there. There you will be able to find anything for any age, any gender, and any interests.

The iPhone app store is updated regularly and you do not even manage to get bored with the latest application. The store is always full of cool iPhone apps.

Teeth App

A few days ago I came across a number of applications for dental care and oral health, which were beyond my imagination and my expectations.

Toothbrush Helper, toothful, mydentist app and virtual teeth makeover app cool iPhone apps to help children get used to the process of teeth brushing.

Also, you can set the timer to 1-4 minutes, play funny brushing sounds and make use of the brushing helpers. At the same time, you can enjoy the texts and funny animation on the screen.

Cool iPhone Apps For Teeth iPhone app store you can get apps that will help you find dentists easily. Dental Optimizer and DenTeeth – Dentist Locator are two dentist-finder cool iPhone apps.

With these apps, you can find a dentist near your location, get directions, read feedback from previous patients and estimate the cost of the treatment.

The one that amazed me the most was ToothPict application. It is designed to help you easily find and remove the food remnants after lunch.

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The application together with the phone’s built-in mirror will show you the location of the food.

The fun part of it is that you can choose the food remnant from the great variety, place it on the virtual teeth and send a notification to your friend.

To Conclude “With your help in spreading the word about this app, we can eliminate food-in-teeth awkwardness forever,” Apple says.

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