Google Search Tips and Tricks

In the world of the internet to find anything just go to the Google, to find the photo go to Google, for songs Google, to find the address go to Google and many more. Mostly to complete the work we take help of Google.

But while googling many of gets the trouble, whereas many of us don’t know how to search also. Google has made some terminology to make their service easy and simpler.

To find new information:

Filter your search results - Google Search Help - Google Support

When you are searching the information on Google at that time much other information you get also. So that many we get confused that which one is new or and which one is old.

For that when you search anything on Google go to the search tool and you can choose any option instead on “Anytime”. Accept these users can use the past hour, past 24 hours, past month, past year and in last custom range option.

To get the exact word or its information:
When you want the exact word information or word then write in the search bar in the inverted commas. For example: – if you want the information about internet privacy then type it in the “Internet Privacy”. So you will get all the information about it on your screen.

To search on the exact website:

google search asterisk

When the users finding something on Google and it gets the different –different information from the entire website then it will sure take the help of the website. For that users have to go to the Google search bar and there write the website name. Such as website: “internet privacy” so that the information on Wikipedia about internet privacy will be shown on your screen.

To ignore the word from the search bar:
When the users the users type the name of the anything or any person to find them, then along with it other personal information they also get.

For Example:

– if you want to find about the steve jobs person then you will get all the information about the steve jobs present in the world. But at this time by using the terminology you can hide the steve jobs. Such as in the Google search bar type the steve jobs then you will get the information about the only steve jobs to accept the steve jobs.

Search through the image:


If users have any image and they want to know that from where this image belong or they have to search the other image like that then users have to use the image search option. For that users have to click on the image as they open Google.

Now in the search bar, you will the camera icon click on that and upload image option have to select. Then after you will get the website that image belongs.

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