Mobile Network – 2G,3G vs 4G Technology

In the world, speed and system both are the headache. Those who have seen the very boring dial up network speed for them the 3G speed will like the heaven. But we are moving towards the 4G. Because of the 4G the users of the internet will be more, because its sped will be 2 times faster than of now internet will be use

Mobile users 4G will be just like the blessing for them. In the internet users India is in the third number. After the 4G, its number will be higher. in March 2008, international telecommunications union- radio communication center for the 4G standard has specially stand the specification for it. In which per second 100 mega byte speed was included. Such as use in the car or train that type speed was set.

Now while technology continuously searching for the new technology, for looking the e- mail and website not only internet is now using. But now internet is now using at every field. Wireless internet technology has made the miracle at the internet filed and in the very corner of the country we can use the internet.

In the internet speed field, a perfect change has come. Reliance Gio voice, video call, video on demand and 4G network with it 400 film library is not going to be connect. Also photo transfer application will be offer.

3G and 4G both technologies are connect with the strength of the internet. Now on 3G, 4G technology is shifting. Making more use of the mobile phone, tablet, and laptop, in this technology G means Generation. When we buy the mobile we definitely see is that 2 G or 3G. Now in place of the 3G, 4G are coming.

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