Top 5 Health Gadgets

With the new improvements in health care, there are a lot of new health gadgets available on the market and some of them can make your life a lot easier when you are living with a disorder that requires frequent testing. While insurance may not pay for it directly, some of these gadgets are reimbursable, especially if you have a diagnosis that will support the purchase. Simply print out an e111 form and submit the required information, and you could receive the health care which helps you in case of medical emergency.

1. Sensoria Fitness Socks

Sensoria Fitness Socks

This is an amazing smart sock that allows you to receive feedback from your ankles. This feedback is sent from pressure signals in the sock that are located at the ankle level. This allows you to monitor your walking or running habits to improve your health and fitness.

Getting the feedback from this washable sock is as easy as plugging it into your USB drive. It tells you how you have been performing and how you can improve your performance for optimum results.

For optimum results, you can download the app for this product on your smartphone. This app can monitor your actions and can work as a virtual exercise coach to help you regulate your pace to ensure you reach top performance.

2. Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria

If you are looking for a scale that does not cause a lot of frustration, one that actually helps you lose weight and reach your ideal BMI, this scale may be of particular interest to you.

This scale is high tech is great for those who are watching their weight or trying to lose weight. This scale offers you more than just your weight. It offers body fat percentage and body mass index. This scale is not just customized for one person. It can store the data for up to 8 users. The information is easy to your computer or smartphone wirelessly so you can easily monitor your progress.

3. LarkLife Wristband

LarkLife Wristband

A simple waterproof wristband can monitor everything you do. This can monitor everything from the amount of activity that is considered fitness activity to how well you sleep. This bracelet contains technology that can decipher what type of exercise you are doing and the amount of each exercise you do.

4. IHealth Pulse Oximeter

4. IHealth Pulse Oximeter

This is a great alternative to the bulky machines that are typical of the machines that monitor oxygen levels in the blood. This pulse oximeter is complete with onboard display and Bluetooth technology that allows you to transfer it your iPhone or iPad.

5. eHealth Wireless Smart Glucose-Monitoring System

eHealth Wireless Smart Glucose-Monitoring System

This is a great alternative to carrying a blood glucose monitor while you are traveling. It works with an iPhone and the information obtained is recorded directly to the app on your smartphone that coincides with the machine. This app can store up to 500 test results and can also store reminders for your medications. This adds convenience and ease of testing your blood sugar while you are on the go.

While not all tech gadgets are completely reimbursable, they are fairly inexpensive and can make your life easier. When you have a health gadget that makes your life easier, you are much more likely to use it.

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